Beowulf adaptations

Students in ENG 349: Grappling With Beowulf  (Fall 2014) have posted reviews of the following films, novels, and comic books based on Beowulf:

John Gardner, Grendel (1971)
Michael Uslan, Beowulf: Dragon Slayer. DC Comics (1975-76)
Beowulf, dir. Graham Baker (1999)
The 13th Warrior, dir. John McTiernan (1999)
Beowulf and Grendel, dir. Sturla Gunnarsson (2005)
David Hutchison, Beowulf. Antarctic Press (2006)
Gareth Hinds, Beowulf. Candlewick Press (2007)
Beowulf, dir. Robert Zemeckis (2007)

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